Making use of tags with MSCS
August 13, 2014

After configuring a bunch of Microsoft Clusters recently I thought it might be handy to see in the vCentre client (web) what resources were on the VMs or better yet be able to search for the cluster resource - because at the end of the day that’s what the application guys will be referring to.

So this script is nothing flash, by using task scheduler to run it however often you want the data updated it will configure Categories/Tags in the vCentre client as follows;

Category Name > Cluster Name Tag Name >  Cluster Resource Tag Description > Cluster Resource State

I’ve broken the script into two parts, the first will collect the information from the clusters and put a .csv file where the second script can pick it up and create the Tags. Part 1 - This script needs to run under as a user that has access to the clusters to monitor and if your outputting to a share it’s handy to give it write access there also. (This needs the failovercluster module to work)

#List of clusters to interrogate
$ClusterList = "c:\temp\input\clusters.csv"
#Directory to output csv file with results (can be a network share) - EG: $Output = "c:\filename.csv" or "\\computer\share\filename.csv"
$Output = "c:\temp\cluster-info.csv"

#Import CSV file 
$ObjSrc = import-csv -Path $ClusterList
$Result = @()
    $ObjSrc  | ForEach-Object {
    $Clusters = $_.ClusterName
        foreach ($clname in $Clusters) {
        #Query each Cluster and get Cluster Group information
        $ClusterDetails = Get-ClusterGroup -Cluster $clname | Select @{N="Category";E={$_.Cluster}},@{N="Tag";E={$_.Name}},@{N="VM";E={$_.OwnerNode}},@{N="Description";E={$_.State}}
        $Result += $ClusterDetails
$Result | Export-Csv -Path $Output -NoTypeInformation

Part 2 - This script will read all the .csv files in the folder you specify and then do the following; 1. Create a Category for each cluster being monitored 2. Remove the Category if it’s no longer being monitored 3. Remove all Tags the script has previously created 4. Recreate all Tags with names of cluster resources and the status 5. Assign Tags to VMs

$vCentre = "vcentre.local"
#$Category Description is used to identify the categories this script has created and will only modify these
$CategoryDescription = "Cluster_Status_Script"
$CSVSourceDir = "c:\temp\"
$CSVData = @()
$DataFiles = @()
$DataFiles = Get-ChildItem $CSVSourceDir -Filter *.csv

Connect-VIServer $vCentre

ForEach ($DataFilesItem in $DataFiles)
        $CSVData += Import-Csv -Path $CSVSourceDir\$DataFilesItem

 #Create new Tag categories from input
    foreach ($NewCategory in $CSVData.Category) {
        $CurrentCategory = Get-TagCategory | select Name
            if ($ -notcontains $NewCategory) {
                New-TagCategory -Name $NewCategory -Cardinality Multiple -EntityType VirtualMachine -Description $CategoryDescription -ErrorAction Ignore | Out-Null 
# Remove Tag category if no longer in input - removes all associated tags
    $CurrentCategory = Get-TagCategory | Where-Object {$_.Description -like $CategoryDescription} | select Name
        foreach ($cc in $CurrentCategory) {
            if ($CSVData.Category -notcontains $ {
                Remove-TagCategory -Category $ -Confirm:$false

#Remove Tags
    $CurrentCategory = Get-TagCategory | Where-Object {$_.Description -like $CategoryDescription}
    foreach ($rc in $CurrentCategory) {
        Get-tag -Category $rc | Remove-Tag -Confirm:$false

#Create Tags
    foreach ($NewTag in $CSVData) {
        New-Tag -Name $NewTag.Tag -Category $NewTag.Category -Description $NewTag.Description | Out-Null

#Assign Tags to VMs
    foreach ($NewAssignment in $CSVData) {
        foreach ($VM in $NewAssignment.VM) {
            $NTA = Get-Tag -name $NewAssignment.Tag -Category $NewAssignment.Category
            New-TagAssignment -tag $NTA -Entity $VM | Out-Null