Request vROPS Reports from vRA
November 30, 2016

Following on from my previous post about configuring TPS settings for VMs as a Day 2 Action in vRA, I thought it would be cool if you could request a report template for a VM that you have access to in vRA. This could be storage, compute, network or an availability report, as long as your report template in vROPS is configured to run against a VM object this should work fine.

The basic funtions of this Workflow is as follows:

  1. Get vROPS Resource ID for the VM
  2. Set the Report ID of the selected vROPS report
  3. Take input from the user if the report should be re-occurring or just a once off
  4. Submit the configuration to vROPS along with the email of the user who requested it.

The first thing to do is to setup your HTTP REST targets in vRO, one thing I did find with this is that the default Invoke-REST Operation will return a XML response from vROPS which isn’t fun to work with in vRO. You need to add in an additional HTTP Header (Accept = application/JSON) so you get a JSON response and parsing this to get the info you require is much easier. So you can clone the current Invoke-REST Operation, add this line <insert line> and reuse it whenever you make REST calls to vROPS in the future.

<insert image here>

If you use Postman, fire it up and have a look in the API to get familiar, I found this pre-configured Postman library for vROPS here.