April 12, 2014

Back in 2013 i sat the VCAP-DCA exam (actually twice, the first time the exam failed to load and Pearson VUE support were not able to help…) and along with what most others will say it’s a tough but for some strange reason fun exam (ok, at the time you probably won’t think its fun, but afterwards you may think otherwise). 

As for the exam itself, you need to make sure prior to going into the exam you can do everything on the exam blueprint as many different ways as possible, who knows what condition your lab will be in and which way will be fastest to complete the task at hand. Saying that use the tool you are comfortable with, saving a few seconds here and there will take the pressure off during the time consuming tasks.

The main challenge I faced with the exam was the latency, it was painful on a biblical scale, many times  I would click on something and there would be anything from 2-5+ secs before anything would happen, so I had to try and be certain what I would want to click on before I wasted valuable time. To top it off approx 10mins before the exam was over it froze... There were a few tasks still left to be completed, as a result of this I was certain I had failed, but two weeks later I checked the email and the good news was there that I had passed. 
So if your planning on taking this exam (VDCA510) I'd highly recommend the following resources:
Personally I'd like to see more of these style of exams used more often, they really ensure the candidate knows the topics and reduces the risk of people passing just by using brain-dumps.