Bulk Reports via vROps API
June 22, 2019

One of the issues within vROps is the ability to run a report against multiple objects at a time, this could be a performance report against VMs, capacity reports for Datastores or configuration reports for Hosts. Running the report one at a time does become pretty cumbersome after about 2 minutes, however the API does come to the rescue here.

If you not familiar with API log in via https://vROpsHost>/suite-api and have a look around, it’s pretty well documented and most functions in the UI can be accessed here. There are a ton of ways to use the API, but given I use PowerShell most for ad-hoc scripts I’ve been adding API functions into the PowervROps Module, some of these allow you to work with the reports, request them for an object then download the report.

This script is quite simple, you can request a report for a single object or multiple via a parameter input, or provide a CSV list of objects to run reports against. Just import the PowervROps Module first then run the script. Check out the README for both scripts for instructions and feel free to make any changes to the PowervROps Module or the [report script](https://github.com/ymmit85/vROps/tree/master/Reports.

Over the next few weeks I’ll publish some more scripts that I use day to day.